Portrait of Joseph Priestley’s son, William


Portrait of Joseph Priestley’s son, William
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Political cartoon entitled, “Monsieur Francois introduces Master Pr***tly to the National Assembly,” drawn by James Sayers (1748-1823), depicts Priestley’s son William as a puppet before the French National Assembly. Description of cartoon: “Dr. Priestley’s son introduced to the National Assembly by Monsieur Francois de Neufchatel, who holds him up by a pair of leading strings, standing in a Tub instead of a Tribune and announcing to the Assembly thro’ a Trumpet the good news of an Englishman having become a Citizen of France. The Young Englishman having brought with him a bottle of Phlogiston from Hackney College is administering it in the form of electric sparks to the National Assembly: who are drawn in the form of Asses, Owls, Hogs and Frogs; while the Ancients in the Gallery are applauding with their mouths wide open.” [from British Museum, Sayers Collection] Published by Thomas Cornell, June 18, 1792.
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