Professor Faraday Lecturing at Royal Institution


Professor Faraday Lecturing at Royal Institution
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Cartoon titled, “Professor Faraday, lecturing at the Royal Institution Before H.R.H. Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales, and Prince Alfred.” This is a full plate reproduction of a preparatory sketch by Alexander Blaikeley (1816-1903) for his eventual painting of the same scene. Original newsprint page from the Illustrated London News, 1856, 28:177. The scene is of Faraday at the lecture table, delivering his “Christmas lecture,” Dec. 27, 1855, the subject being gold and platinum. This was the first of six lectures “On the distinctive properties of the common metals.” Seated in the front row, center, are Prince Albert and his sons, the Prince of Wales, age 13, seated to the right of his father, and Prince Alfred, the Duke of Edinburgh, age 10, seated to Albert’s left. Faraday presented lectures for children every year around Christmas (a tradition that continues to this day at the Royal Institution).
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