The last day I went to work was on March 16, 2020. The day was gray and cloudy. (Photo taken that morning.) The streets were eerily empty and it took me less than 30 minutes to get to Caltech from Hawthorne via the 110 freeway. (It used to take about 45-60 minutes.) Working from home has been a challenge, though not impossible. Lots of Zoom meetings and lots of database cleanup. I'm keeping busy. My husband still has to go work at the airport, currently with a staggered one week on and one week off schedule. Thankfully there aren't a lot of people flying these days, but I still worry we can be exposed. I've been at home for exactly one month and it has been a time for self-reflection.There are a lot of things from the Pre-Covid-19 period, before social distancing, that I miss.
I miss:
1. Seeing my family and friends. That’s a given but my mom lives over 100 miles away, and who knows when it will be safe to go to her small town that currently has a total of 4 confirmed Covid-19 cases. At least she and everyone else is just a phone call away.
2. Going to work. Call me crazy, but I enjoy the work I do as an archivist and going to work. And I miss singing really loud in my car during my long commute. At home the neighbors can hear me.
3. Shopping. I would spend many Sundays browsing and shopping, and I would stroll every single aisle at one of my local Targets. (I have 3 locations less than 10 minutes away.) Now I dread going out for essentials.
4. Not having to brew my own coffee daily. I'll admit, I had a bad Starbucks and Coffee Bean habit. I don’t normally make a good cup of regular coffee, but I drink it. At least I'm saving money.
5. Not worrying every single day.