This is a photo of my family taking its daily walk around our neighborhood during the COVID-19 time. Since the “safer at home” order, none of us have been able to maintain our normal active life; the children, who are used to a bustling, energetic routine, are the ones suffering the most. Toward the end of the day they tend to become intolerant of all constraints.

So we started out with short walks, just before dinner, and we discovered a wonderful family time, where we enjoy each other’s company in a peaceful and relaxing time. Our walks became longer and longer. Sometimes they stretch to a couple of hours without even realizing it. We reach unexplored areas, where the nature, greenery, and quiet remind us of the countryside.

After a day filled with telecommuting, pandemic parenting, and the constant worry about our families back in Italy swamped by the virus, this is when we wind down, the craziness around us disappears, and for a moment we are carefree.

In this surreal new life, this is my favorite time of the day and I will always treasure these moments with my husband and my young children. This is the thing that I will miss when we get our normal life back. So now we happily walk every day. Rain or shine.