Happy Easter!! I tried to make my moms deviled eggs but the yolks were too runny. Adam boiled them for me because I didn’t get to it last night or this morning. He’s been picking up a lot of the slack. We are both online students and he is very supportive as I try to finish my physics degree at Caltech. I love being with him, even though the days just roll on, one after another, the same. I tried to stop this from happening, so maybe I’ll attack it again. Overcoming depression was hard enough before the pandemic.

We went to the Brookside Botanical Gardens for Easter. We talked about my favorite passage Matthew 5:8. And I read Corinthians 13. There were a lot of people there, a lot of families, many in their almost Sunday best. Adam wore a button down and khakis. I wore my modern day white-blue-pink shin length soft flapper dress. I got it for my 21st birthday, in a market in Portland. Years ago it seems. Adam was actually off the grid during this time. I was writing him notes. It was a beautiful birthday though full of people and dancing. I never guessed how much I would miss that fellowship.

This is our first Easter together, I don’t know if we will keep any traditions, but we will always remember this day.