Today I had Adam leave the house for this morning just so I could get some alone time in the house, the first time in weeks. The weather is crazy again today. Adam and I have started guessing cases every morning, I lost today, he guessed 460 thousand and I guessed 450 thousand, this morning the US had 466 thousand cases.

We’re going to have a “date night” tonight. We’re gonna play a two person dice game and order from our favorite restaurant, Sushi-Q.

My professor almost moved the class to 1500 PDT and I was so nervous, classes at 1800 EDT are really difficult for me. I am struggling with magnetism, but no more than struggling with the existential crisis induced by the Pandemic.

My brother, in Alaska, is deciding whether to take his classes PF (he’s enrolled at the Florida Institute of Technology). He wants to succeed, but its hard to get As when its dark, he has no steady place to work, our parents are moving, the pandemic is looming, and he’s alone for so much of the day. I miss him. I miss Alaska, however I’m glad I’m not in the snow. Anchorage is 25F today.

In LA face coverings are now mandatory. I can’t believe Karen (an undergrad in geology in my class) sent us some. I hope they are okay, well I hope they don’t catch the virus.

I can see apple has added a new “virus emoji”. A new piece of art to express a universal experience is now on everyone’s laptop and cell phone— why don’t we have more tests?