My name is Megan MacDonald and I have the privilege of being Caltech's Bay Area Development Officer. Our family includes two inquisitive and insatiably curious toddlers - Charlotte 3, Remy 1.7, as well as, “Rhodie” our 7 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. We have been enjoying venturing out into the wilderness every weekend in an attempt to break down the walls, stretch our legs and enjoy the earth, taking in as much as we can before returning home to shelter-in-place and honor those nearest and dearest. We've enjoyed off-roading in Hungry Valley, through the backside of Pearblossom to see the poppies. From Red Cloud Rd across to the Salton Sea. Point Conception and Cojo Bay. Each time bringing along the trusted tailgate smoker to share a feast after the long ride. Although the kids may be too young to remember these moments, it’s been wonderful to seek togetherness during such unprecedented times.