Life in quarantine has felt strange and scary, but there are still moments of joy existing within it. Trips to the grocery store, especially around the beginning of March, induced deep anxiety. People were buying out toilet paper, bread and milk. Seeing items emptied from shelves and lines of people with shopping carts filled to the brim were symptoms of a mass panic feeding into itself. At the same time, there were, and still are, blessings to be counted daily: having a home, a job, a healthy family.

My birthday happened in quarantine. That day, friends drove to my house, dropped off small gifts on the doorstep and waved through the window. Even though we couldn’t be close or touch, there was something really nice about seeing each other in person. My parents also visited, bringing dinner to my husband, our roommate and me. Mom and Dad insisted on being there to celebrate, and so ate their meals on our porch and “hung out with us” on the other side of the window. It was a funny moment.

Now, more than a month in, I have been working remotely and have created a fairly “ergonomic” setup at my dining room table. Previously out-of-stock items seem to have been replenished (except for hand sanitizer), and it feels like everyone, from street vendors to pizza parlors, is selling face masks. There is still so much uncertainty about what we can expect in the coming weeks and months. People are still walking around outside, some with face masks, some without. The weather in Los Angeles is sunny and warm, and though the Safer-at-Home Order has been in effect for some time, people just can’t seem to resist the good weather.

On a positive note, I feel less anxious than I did previously, and this period has helped me build a habit of counting all that I'm grateful for.