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Landing area for Viking 1, the crater Arandas
Mars’ inner satellite, Phobos
Mars’ Utopian Plain
Fractures in the surface of Mars at Memnonic Fossae near the Tharsis Ridge
Photos of an experiment to locate the position of Viking Lander 1
Interior of Martian crater
Photomosaic of a Mars area west of Argyre
Mars as seen from Viking 1
Target point for the landing of Viking 2
Island in a channel complex in Mars’ Chryse region
Center of the pre-selected aiming point for the Viking 1 landing
Viking 2 begins its search for a landing site in an area called Alba Patera (White Saucer)
Martian sunset over Chryse Planitia
Martian sand dunes a few degrees south of the equator
First close look at preselected primary landing site for Viking 2
Valles Marineris, the “Grand Canyon” of Mars as taken by Viking 1
Close-range picture of Mars taken from 400 km (248 miles)
Melting north polar cap in the northern hemisphere on Mars
Frosty scene near Mars’ north pole