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Greta B. Millikan, formal portrait
Greta B. Millikan, formal portrait
Thomas Hunt Morgan in commencement procession
A.H. Sturtevant and Lilian Morgan with plaque
Theodore von Karman at the blackboard
Linus Pauling reading in his office
Richard Chace Tolman seated at desk
Richard Chace Tolman as a young man
Richard Chace Tolman becoming honorary officer of Order of the British Empire
Lee DuBridge, Karl T. Compton and Robert Millikan
Beno Gutenberg with seismograph
James Van Allen, Lee DuBridge and William Pickering
Robert A. Millikan, Paul Epstein & Richard C. Tolman
Richard Chace Tolman and a group of men
The Tolmans standing in front of a house
Gordon Moore, Alice Huang, David Baltimore and Kip Thorne
George Beadle inspecting corn
Robert A. Millikan’s Nobel scroll (complete)
Interior of the von Karman’s home
Robert A. Millikan with cosmic-ray equipment