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200″ dome from power house
Lifting of 60 ton crane from observing floor to crane tracks
R. A. & Sideral time control unit for 200″
View of Palomar with the dome shutters open
Oil pad rolling underneath horseshoe
Eyepiece insert for plate holder--200″ prime focus?
Conductor bar installation, revolving portion of dome
200″ telescope dome building--insulation and furring of the ground floor
Interior of 200″ dome
48″ Schmidt--first row of bump plates
Prime focus cage entering annealing furnace
Lifting yolk girder in place
Load of steel for the 20″ dome
200″ mirror in aluminizing chamber
8″ Schmidt (camera) telescope
Dome truck hoisted to position for rolling frame
Fine grinding of 20″ mirror disc on two-foot grinding machine
48″ Schmidt--pouring lower base moulding
Piano wire stright edge (close-up) showing electrical equipment used in reading contact
Time standard oscillators--panel end