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Harold Brown receiving Clear Air Car trophy from students
Lee and Doris DuBridge
Marvin Goldberger, casual portrait
Richard Feynman’s father as a young man
Richard Feynman lecturing at Caltech Seminar Day
Ira Bowen in office.
Anderson and Neddermeyer at Pike’s Peak
Lee DuBridge, formal pose
Lee and Doris DuBridge
Carl Anderson with students
Richard Feynman at 1974 commencement
Richard Feynman at the beach
Marvin Goldberger
Harold Brown, formal pose
Richard Feynman lecturing at Caltech Seminar Day
William Fowler in Lima Central High School football uniform, Lima, OH
Lee DuBridge, Edwin Land and Murray Gell-Mann
Lee DuBridge with Field Marshal Montgomery
William Fowler and well-wishers
Richard Feynman and Emilio Segre at Los Alamos gathering.