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Jerome Vinograd
200″ tool shows core construction and method of checking curvature
Arrival of south box girder
Cornelis Wiersma with unidentified woman in lab
View of dome from Power House
John Bolton of CSIRO (Sydney, Australia) speaking at dedication of first 130′ radio telescope (OVRO)
Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO), construction
Southern California Cooperative Wind Tunnel (SCCWT)
Solar furnace
Pol Duwez with solar furnace
200″ mirror disc filled with plaster of Paris
Mirror preparation
Gilbert McCann
Peter Kyropolous
Closeup of 200″ plug showing healed fractures
James Liverman and James Bonner
Single nozzle 616-tube burner with nozzle and supply tubes removed from casing
Construction of dome for 60″ telescope at Palomar
Hugo Benioff’s horizonal component seismometer