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Throop track team
Throop Polytechnic Institute
Group of girls
Throop College students sitting on a wall
Father Throop and Co. B, Throop cadets, Throop Polytechnic Institute
World War I: surveying
Freshman class
Throop Hall under construction
Throop Hall with Power Plant in foreground
Throop Hall
Electrical lab, Throop Polytechnic Institute
Occupants and outriders of the Throop Tally-Ho entry in the Rose Parade
Throop Hall under construction
Anson Lisk
Group of students
Throop athletics, football
Throop baseball team
Examples of wood craft work done at Throop Polytechnic Institute
Staff and students at north entrance of East Hall, Throop Polytechnic Institute.
Throop Hall entry showing statue of Apollo