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Sir John Adams, portrait with signature
Enrico Fermi with equipment
Ptolemy’s map of the world
Cavendish Lab: C.T.R. Wilson’s original expansion apparatus for making visible the tracks of ionizing radiations
Robert Millikan, Sommerfeld and Corbino and Nuclear Physics Congress, Rome, 1931.
Duplessis/Portrait of Benjamin Franklin
Franco Rasetti
Sydney Chapman at the Space Conference
Fritz Zwicky at Space Conference
The first autoclave, or steam-cooking apparatus, the invention of Chevallier Appert.
Frederick Soddy
Jacques Monod with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clifford in Pasadena
Wolfgang Pauli and S.A. Goudsmit
Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences in Mineral Hall, Smithsonian Institution
Sir John Adams
F. Bedell
George Ellery Hale and others in wagon on Mt. Wilson trail
Tycho Brahe portrait
Lasker Award awarded to George Beadle in 1950 (medal)
Erwin Schrodinger portrait with signature