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Richard Feynman and Hans Bethe at Los Alamos gathering.
A young William Fowler
Harold Brown, formal pose
Richard Feynman with Caltech students
Einstein and others viewing Rose Parade
Richard Feynman speaking at Kayserberg
William Fowler and his daughter Martha Summers Fowler
Richard Feynman at Irvine Conference
Richard Feynman with swinging object
William A. Fowler with Hans Bethe in Cambridge, England
Einstein portrait taken in the Bern Patent Office
William Fowler, Donald Clayton and Maarten Schmidt
Richard Feynman seated in front of a blackboard
Einstein, formal portrait with pipe
William Fowler with equipment in Kellogg Radiation Lab
Harold Brown and Robert Christy with another man
Richard Feynman talking with a student at Cal State Long Beach
Lee DuBridge, formal portrait
Fireplace in Fine Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Elsa and Albert Einstein with Robert Millikan