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Blaise Pascal
Howard Lucas at the Space Conference
Group of physicists including, Niels Bohr, Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner
Arthur H. Compton
Otto Hahn
Key to 50.2.1-3: Pasadena Conference on the Structure of Proteins
Dr. William Gilbert
Feeding the deer at the Mt. Wilson “hotel”
Telescope at Mt. Wilson (24″)
Caltech orchestra
200″ mirror being polished
J. Robert Oppenheimer seated with pipe
Robert Millikan, A. Compton, Marie Curie at Nuclear Physics Congress, Rome, 1931.
Nicolas Appert, 1750-1841
Volta Physics Conference at Como, Italy
Historical Pasadena: Pasadena City Band
Shelter Island group
Unknown man with Paul Dirac and J. Robert Oppenheimer