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Richard Feynman playing the conga drum [trimmed photo]
Richard Feynman, formal portrait
Lee DuBridge having a conversation
Vice President Richard Nixon speaking during campus visit
Richard Feynman in his teen years
Richard Feynman playing the conga drum [full photo]
Lee DuBridge, formal portrait
Lee DuBridge, formal pose
Marvin Goldberger, formal head and shoulders
Harold and Colleen Brown greeting guests
Lee DuBridge as a young man
Richard Feynman in classroom with students
Richard Feynman in his office
Front: William Fowler and Fred Hoyle; rear: Donald Clayton and Robert Wagoner
Harold Brown for Secretary of Defense
Carl Anderson, portrait with signature
Martha Fowler shaking hands with President Gerald R. Ford, flanked by Linus Pauling and William Fowler
Carl Anderson with cloud chamber
Doris and Lee DuBridge, Lord Snowden and Princess Margaret, Arnold and Mabel Beckman
Carl Anderson at blackboard