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William Fowler with his father, John Fowler
Lee DuBridge
Einstein and Millikan at LA Chamber of Commerce dinner at the Ambassador Hotel
Albert and Elsa Einstein at the Athenaeum
Richard Feynman and an unidentified man
Einstein in front of Athenaeum, profile
Lee DuBridge, formal portrait
William Fowler receiving the National Medal of Science from President Gerald R. Ford
Einstein sculpture
Hans Bethe and Lee DuBridge
Carl Anderson standing with equipment
Lee DuBridge, formal pose
Albert and Elsa Einstein at the Athenaeum
Lee and Arrola DuBridge
Einstein, Robert Millikan and Mme. Curie in Geneva
Richard Feynman and Frederick Hoyle
Harold Brown at desk
William Fowler
Richard Feynman with Caltech students
Fred Hoyle and William Fowler in Fowler’s office in the W. K. Kellogg Lab