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National Medal of Science Winners
Richard and Gweneth Feynman with son Carl
Anderson and Neher with cosmic ray apparatus
Albert Einstein on the Caltech campus
Carl Anderson and Seth Neddermeyer with magnet cloud chamber
Young Lee DuBridge sitting on a wall
William Fowler
Greta and Robert Millikan with Einstein on Long Beach boat trip
Lee DuBridge, formal pose
Lee DuBridge with Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden
Einstein and Elsa in Palm Springs with cactus
Richard Feynman, casual pose
Richard Feynman at CIT commencement
Three Nobel Prize winners: Einstein, Millikan, Michelson
Richard Feynman, casual pose
Richard Feynman chatting with a student on the campus
Harold Brown, formal portrait
Lee DuBridge lecturing at blackboard
Richard Feynman and Hans Bethe
Einstein with Samuel Untermeyer at Palm Springs