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Cornelis A. G. Wiersma
Octave Chanute
Ferdinand Ellerman at the 150′ Solar Tower, Mt. Wilson
Astronomer Miss Annie Cannon (foreground)
Charles E. St. John
Spectrohelioscope house, coelostat uncovered ready for use
Window on north side of spectrohelioscope house, showing light tube and control rods
H. A. Lorentz
Babcock-Harvard station
Mt. Wilson Snow Solar Telescope construction site
George Ellery Hale in his automobile
Spectrohelioscope house, coelostat covered
Willem de Sitter
Moon Committee
Andrew Carnegie at the Mt. Wilson Hotel
Catalina Island trip
Aerial photos of Banning Fault
Garnet California wind plot after nearly eleven years
Aerial photos of the Arrroyo Seco
Robert Sharp