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Shutter opening facing east discloses the telescope as it appears on its east side
Matthew L. Sands
James Bonner in academic attire
Caltech-Armed Forces meteorology training course
Jenijoy La Belle reading “On Campus” in her office in Dabney
Diffusion vac pumps for 200″ aluminizing system
Rail grinding assembly
Unidentified man in the Guggenheim Jet Propulsion Center
200″ telescope dome building--pouring concrete observing floor
48″ Schmidt--form work
Moving dome trucks on observing floor to position for hoisting to rail level
Shock tube in GALCIT
Mirror preparation
Mirror preparation
Arthur Erdelyi with student, T. Ryan
James Strauss with Norman Horowitz
Robert Sharp
Robinson building
Inspecting the 200″ mirror
Jerome Vinograd