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Jerome Vinograd
George MacGinitie
Size comparison between a 30″ disc and the 200″
Side of the Southern California Cooperative Wind Tunnel (SCCWT) during construction
200″ disc with plaster inserts filled in on back of disc
Barry C. Barish
Loading 200″ disc from railway car on to trailer
Daniel Kevles
James J. Morgan and Wheeler North
Frits Went
Technician adjusting plane in the interior of a wind tunnel
Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO), construction
Hugo Benioff with fused-quartz extensometer
John Anderson and Byron Hill leaving plane
Bill Dreyer’s lab
Pouring concrete slab of the observing floor of the 200″ dome
Tom Lauritsen, Max Delbruck, Niels Bohr and Paul Epstein
120″ mirror as seen through the edge of the disc
Virus Conference
Frits Went