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Twin 90-foot dishes at Owens Valley
Gear on left side of grinding machine, for operating to and fro motion of bridge
Thomas K. Caughey and Shake-Making Machine
X-ray lab in sub-basement of Crellin
Milton Plesset at a blackboard
Gutenberg notepad #76
James Olds
Robert Sharp
Henry Borsook
Building 76-B, 60″ stage
Howard Lucas
Charles Richter and others viewing buckled pavement
A prime focus spectrograph--200″
200″ disc in the CIT Optical Shop
Workmen positioning 200″ disc
View from the balcony of in the Maracaibo Electric Company’s plant
Using vibrator to settle backfill on the ground floor of the 200″ dome building
West horn of horseshoe girder
Research in aeronautics--studying the stability of thin conical and cylindrical shells
Frits Went with tomato plants