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Cornelis Wiersma
48″ Schmidt--exterior view with shutters open
William B. Munro
Gordon Garmire
Cutaway diagram of the 60″ photometric telescope building at Palomar Observatory
Caltech-Armed Forces meteorology training course
Arthur Galston attending lecture
Mt. Wilson comparator, side view
Findlay Russell
Julius Pearson
James J. Morgan receiving the 1999 Stockholm Water Prize
Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO), construction
Torch cutting phantom dome parts
Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO), construction
Dismantling and moving the Merrill Wind Tunnel
Supply of quartz from Cathance, ME for 60″ stage
Observing at the 48″ Schmidt telescope
Robert Christy, Robert Bacher, C. C. Lauritsen and others in the control room of the EN Tandem Van de Graaff Accelerator, 051 Sloan
Harrison Brown
Building 76-B, 60″ stage