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Paul Epstein
Postcard sent from Zurich from Gregor Rabinovitch to Paul Epstein
Earnest Watson, Richard C. Tolman, Paul Epstein and an unidentified man
Paul Epstein and Theodore von Karman at Alamogordo, NM
Paul Epstein
Edwin Hubble (sitting with back to post) and a group of men
Paul Epstein, Einstein and Charles E. St. John at Athenaeum dinner
Paul Epstein
Hermann Struck
Paul Epstein at Alamogordo, NM
Front door of Pasadena Hall (Throop)
CIT football game
Dorm Dance
Fred Groat on the porch of Gnome House
Don Morrell on the porch of Gnome House
Al Morrison on the porch of Gnome House
Hubert “Mike” O’Haver
Gnome Club