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Richard Feynman chatting with a student on the campus
Harold Brown, formal portrait
Lee DuBridge lecturing at blackboard
Richard Feynman and Hans Bethe
Richard Feynman with students
Einstein with Samuel Untermeyer at Palm Springs
Marvin Goldberger, casual portrait
Horace W. Babcock and Ira Bowen
Richard Feynman playing the bongo drums
Einstein and Robert Millikan
Richard Feynman speaking
Richard Feynman, formal Nobel portrait
Richard and Gweneth Feynman at Student’s Ball at Stockholm University
Physics of Computation Conference at MIT
Richard Feynman speaking to a class
Richard Feynman teaching Physics X.
Carl Anderson, close-ups
Carl D. Anderson receiving Nobel Prize
Einstein sculpture at NAS by Robert Berks
Richard Feynman and Murray Gell-Mann