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Einstein with his host, Samuel Untermeyer
Richard Feynman and Robert Leighton in 201 East Bridge
Carl Anderson with the magnet cloud chamber with which he discovered the positive electron or positron
Einstein with Josephine (Pipo) de Karman
Richard Feynman, casual pose
Richard Feynman at Cal State Long Beach
Lee Dubridge, formal pose
William Fowler cloud chamber photo
Richard Feynman lecturing at blackboard
William Fowler seated with two Japanese gentlemen
Vladimir Braginsky
Wolfgang Pauli smoking his pipe
Michael Faraday
Geiger and Rutherford in Schuster Laboratory, Manchester
Sir Norman Lockyer
J. Robert Oppenheimer standing with pipe in hand
Otto Hahn
Jean Perrin (at Nils Perrin)
Arnold Sommerfeld
Jakob J. Laub