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Robert A. Millikan, formal portrait
Theodore von Karman with General Henry H. Arnold
Harold Brown gesturing with hand
Robert A. Millikan with his secretary, Inga Howard
George Beadle and friends at the beach.
Sir James Jeans and Robert A. Millikan
Boris Ephrussi and George Beadle
Einstein with pipe in front of Athenaeum
Harold Brown presenting Helen Holloway with her service award
George Ellery Hale as a young man, portrait
George Beadle in lab coat with corn
Max Delbruck
Richard Chace Tolman and others
Jean-Lou Chameau
Lilian Morgan, informal pose
Arie Haagen-Smit
Boris N. Shvanvich
Smiling, young Robert Millikan
Arie Haagen-Smit
Robert A. Millikan, head and shoulders