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Crane test--lifting 60 ton load
Coude spectrograph full assembly
200″ mirror in aluminizing chamber
Coude slit and grinding eyepiece units
200″ dome construction
Painting and scalling scaffolds
Cage on under-slung car
Groundbreaking for the Palomar Astronomical Museum
Trucking aluminizing chamber
Shutter opening of the 200″ dome
Mirror installed--view looking northeast
Removing scale from 20″ dome exterior
Erection progress
Power house--pouring motor base of third diesel unit
20″ Pyrex disc of selected pieces of cullet on 24″ machine
Inside million-gallon reservoir
Stationary part of 200″ building--steel framework only
200″ dome under construction as seen from the highway
Preparing east horn for placement
200″ dome--between storms