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B-ray spectrometer coiling winding
200″ coude slit assembly
17″ shock tube--tail stock fixture
48″ Schmidt mirror
Water tank test
Lifting the south yoke through the hatch in the observing floor
B-ray spectrometer machine setup
Aluminizing tank for 200″ mirror
Hoisting the aluminizing tank to the observing level with the dome
New aluminized coat on the 200″ mirror
Dome housing for the 18″ reflector Schmidt-type telescope
200″ dome as seen from the highway
17″ shock tube vacuum pump
20″ far infrared telescope
Case being lowered over 200″ mirror
Ammoniating room of the 200″ telescope dome building
Plate holder for 200″ prime focus spectrograph (5 x 7 plates) with guider
Aluminizing of mirror at Palomar
Polishing 200″ mirror
Roy Jennkins awaiting the arrival of the generators