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Harold Brown during his Inauguration
The inauguration of David Baltimore
Harold Brown at his inauguration
Beno Gutenberg, casual pose
Linus Pauling with Edward W. Hughes
Edwin Dennison
Jerome Vinograd
New equipment for Big Bear Solar Observatory
Paul Ts’o
Arie Haagen-Smit in office with orchids
Arie Haagen-Smit in office with plants in background
David Baltimore, Kip Thorne and the Caltech mascot
Arnold and Mabel Beckman, Lee and Doris DuBridge
Eugene Shoemaker
David Baltimore at podium
Richard Feynman, casual pose before blackboard
Guggenheim Jet Propulsion Center Lab
Technicians for the 10-foot wind tunnel
Robert Corey
Kenneth Harwell and R. G. Jahn