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Charles Percy speaking at commencement
Robert Millikan at commencement
Trustee Thomas J. Watson, Jr.
Commencement procession
Philip S. Fogg
Northern latitude of Mars shwoing eroded mesa-like landforms
Landing site for Viking 1 is one of the lowest regions on the surface of Mars, Chryse Planitia
Cross section of JPL 25 ft. space simulator
Lyman Bonner and an unidentified man
Trustee Thomas V. Jones
Hooding of a graduate
Trustee Robert V. Hansberger
Mars’ Utopia landing site
Board of Trustees, 1965
Trustee Allan C. and Janet Jacks Balch
The top ten Bachelor of Science graduates
Shining on the Martian surface is the aluminum shroud which protected the collector head of the surface sampler during Viking 2’s journey from Earth
Visit to JPL by Secretary Royall
Faculty procession
Robert A. Millikan with an unidentified man