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John Schutz
Single nozzle 616-tube burner with nozzle and supply tubes removed from casing
Richard T. Jones
Construction of dome for 60″ telescope at Palomar
Hugo Benioff’s horizonal component seismometer
L. Winchester Jones
Unloading 200″ disc from railway car
Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO)
Schmidt dome by moonlight
Jesse DuMond and Kirkpatrick
Milton Humason with bust of George Ellery Hale
James V. Harvey
Shutter placement taken from top of dome
Freshly aluminized auxiliary telescope mirrors
Ernest Sechler with a group of men
Optical shop
Test in the steam engineering lab
Edwin Dennison
Robert Fleisher of the National Science Foundation speaking at dedication of first 130′ radio telescope (OVRO)
Unloading 200″ disc from railway car