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Throop Hall with reflection
Electric card parked inside Throop Hall
Clay Modeling Room, East Hall, Throop Polytechnic Institute
The winners of the boat race at Military Camp in Monterey
Throop athletics, football
Swimming team
Earnest Wakeham
Gnome Balboa Event
LA Times clipping: “Educating the hand in Southern California”
Throop cupola with a pumpkin on top
World War 1: Training Exercises
“Letter Men”
Throop athletics, baseball
Throop cupola with model plane crash
LeRoy Macdonald
Throop Hall
Martha Throop Vaughan, daughter of Amos Gager Throop
Frank Capra, class of 1918
Gates chemistry lab
Ad in the Throop Tech: “The College that Prepares MEN for Modern Life”