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The inauguration of David Baltimore
Max Delbruck, informal pose
Max Delbruck
George Beadle at desk
George Beadle in Boy Scout uniform
George Beadle and the King of Sweden at the Nobel Prize ceremony
David Baltimore
Max Delbruck, formal pose
George Beadle and Boris Ephrussi using microscopes
David Baltimore, Kip Thorne and the Caltech mascot
Max Delbruck holding books, with blackboard in the background
Max Delbruck caricature
David Baltimore at podium
George Beadle in the lab
Beadle and Stern
Max Delbruck and Salvador Luria
Max Delbruck with F. C. Bawden and W. M. Stanley
Mac Delbruck (on right) and his roommate, C. F. Powell, in Bristol
George Beadle giving a talk
Ruth Beadle in uniform, sister of George Beadle