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Donald Morrell and Hal Beck
Senior class
Throop Debating Club
William L. Crowley
Anson Lisk
Richard Werner Stenzel
Wood and Turning Shop, Throop Polytechnic Institute
Cooking Room, Polytechnic Hall, Throop Polytechnic Institute
Graduating class in front of Throop Hall during World War I
Football Game Against Occidental on their Field
Wilbur Ladde Moody
Calder arches (Throop)--pilasters--Nature, Art, Science, American Law
Throop Hall showing High Voltage Lab
World War I: on steps of Throop Hall
Cooking at Throop Institute
James A. B. Scherer, portrait
Walter A. Edwards
Philip Seymour Clarke
Building Ponton Bridge
Removing the Apollo statue from Throop Hall prior to the demolition of the building