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Mosaic of a high plateau area south of the Martian equator
Crowd at the dedication of Beckman Institute
Audience at commencement
Trustee Hawley
Commencement exercises
The Martian landscape
Trustee Earle Jorgensen
Robert Gray
Marconi strolling down the Olive Walk
Trustees National Meeting
Board of Trustees, 1958
First photograph ever taken on the surface of the planet Mars
Caltech’s 60th Anniversary dinner at the Huntington Hotel
Dedication for von Karman memorial collection at the Air Force Academy
Mars from 560,000 km as taken from Viking 1
Western part of Chryse Planitia
Trustee George W. Beadle
Robert Millikan with an unidentified man
Aerial view of JPL
An arctic cold front sweeps across Mars