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Martian volcano Apollinaris Patera
Trustee James R. Page
Jupiter, just to the SE of the Great Red Spot
Tom Duffy, Donna Coates, Bob Baker
Mosaic of five pictures of Arsia Mons
Six photos of Mars as Viking 1 overflew the NE portion of the Chryse region
Corporal missile
Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest satellite
Trustee Larkin, Jr.
Commencement exercises
Fisheye view of Mars
Mosaic of Jupiter
Trustee Charles W. Gates
President Diem of Vietnam with R. L. Minckler at the Ambassador Hotel
Trustee James E. Robison
The landscape of Mars on the day following Viking 1’s successful landing
Robert Christy
Titan/Centaur rocket blasting off
Jupiter’s innermost Galilean satellite, Io
Board of Trustees, 1961