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Directory change: from DuBridge to Brown
Marvin Goldberger in front of Parsons Gates
Harold Brown, formal pose
Cartoon of Einstein by Low
Clark Millikan, Lee DuBridge, V. P. Richard Nixon and Wm. Pickering
Einstein, portrait
Albert Einstein
Lee DuBridge with Vice President Richard Nixon
Harold Brown viewing space photos
Einstein equations on blackboard at Mt. Wilson
William Fowler at Nobel Banquet with Queen Sylvia
Harold Brown with Arnold Beckman
Einstein giving a speech in Pasadena
Einstein with Horace Gilbert
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller chats with William Fowler at reception for National Medal of Science winners
Harold Brown speaking to students
Lee DuBridge addressing Convocation at MIT
Positron and electron tracks
Meeting of the Science Advisory Committee (PSAC)
Einstein with a group at Mt. Wilson