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Richard Feynman lecturing at Cal State Long Beach
Richard Feynman and Robert Leighton with students
Richard Feynman in the classroom with Tom Harvey (photographer)
Harold Brown at desk
Lee DuBridge seated at desk, with pen in hand
Elsa and Albert Einstein with Gov. James Rolph, Jr.
Marvin Goldberger and Eric Davidson
Einstein, Millikan and others at Athenaeum dinner
Inauguration of Marvin Goldberger
Einstein portrait with inscription to R.C. Tolman
Richard Feynman on campus
Richard, Gweneth and Carl Feynman
Richard Feynman at Caltech’s Spring Talent Show.
Einstein, standing alone
Richard Feynman and Hans Bethe
Richard Feynman and Paul Dirac in a large group
Richard Feynman lecturing at Caltech Seminar Day
Harold Brown driving lawn mower on campus
Lee DuBridge at his inauguration with Robert Millikan
Harold Brown at desk, speaking on phone