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Dedication of the Firestone Flight Sciences Laboratory
Gates Lab
Construction of Baxter Hall
Campus art, capital in student houses showing tennis player
Court between Gates Laboratory of Chemistry (right) and Dabney Hall (left) with linking arcade and Engelmann oak behind.
Portrait of Janet Jacks Balch
Groundbreaking for Beckman Institute
East side of the Athenaeum
Pharos fraternity
Bust of Janet Jacks Balch
Crystal Lake cleanup campaign
Construction of Baxter Hall
J. Kent Clark musical production in Culbertson Hall honoring Earnest Watson, “The Importance of Being Earnest”
Courtyard of the Athenaeum
Church Laboratory for Chemical Biology
Throop Hall in the snow
Arcade of the student houses
Interior of student house
Gates Lab
Rendering of Kerckhoff Lab by B. G. Goodhue Associates