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Fault zones breaking the Martian crust
X marks the spot selected as the landing site for Viking 2 at the eastern end of Utopia Planitia
The sun rises over Noctis Labyrinthus
Mosaic of 15 photos of Mars taken by Viking 1
Deep trenching activities on the surface of Mars
Photomosaic taken as Viking Orbiter-1 was approaching Phobos
The Martian volcano, Olympus Mons
Close up of Phobos taken by Viking 1
Computer-enhanced mosaic of Olympus Mons
The dawn side of Mars
Photomosaic of the eastern end of Valles Marineris
Martian surface in the Chryse area
Viking Orbiter 1 took three separate pictures through red, green and violet filters of Valles Marineris
First high-resolution pictures of Mars’ north polar ice
Martian dust storm
Fisheye view of Mars
Mars’ most photogenic feature--Valles Marineris
Portion of the Martian crater Becquerel
Mosaic of a high plateau area south of the Martian equator
The Martian landscape