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200″ telsecope in the position it assumes when observing in the immediate vicinity of the Pole Star
200″ mirror back support
Knife-edge focusing device used in 200″ prime focus plate holder
Controls for 18″ Schmidt telescope, with clock drive
Polishing 48″ Schmidt plate
Palomar construction crew
Exterior view of the dome building
Pouring concrete mirror substitute for the 200″ telescope
Mountain residence
Declination gear of the 200″ telescope
Declination drive
One of the observing floor hatch covers used as a painters’ scaffold
200″ dome structure
Plate holder for 200″ prime focus spectrograph (5 x 7 plates with guider
48″ telescope drive
200″ coude spectrograph
Inspecting mirror supports for 200″
Power house and 48″ Schmidt dome, looking east
The mirror of the 200″ telescope
Arrival of prime focus cage