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Trustee Charles Percy
Board of Trustees, 1986
Photomosaic showing the western part of the Chryse Planitia
Trustee J. S. Cravens
Trustee William Kerckhoff
Life-sized bronze bust of Theodore von Karman
Evaline Gibbs and Willy Fowler
Dedication for von Karman memorial collection at the Air Force Academy
Trustee Harry Bauer
Mars’ Utopian Plain
A channel near the potential landing site of Viking 1
Rocky panoramic scene of the Martian landscape
Herbert H. G. Nash
New Mars landing site for Viking 1
Rueprecht balance used to weigh gases
Board of Trustees, 2007
James Ewart
Albert Ruddock
Artist’s illustration of Mariner I flight path
Trustee Lawrence Williams