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Robert A. Millikan in uniform
A.A. Noyes: The professor at the breakfast table
Linus Pauling, formal portrait, profile
Gordon Moore, Thomas Everhart, David Baltimore and Kip Thorne
George Beadle at his desk
Robert Millikan with his father, brother, and son Clark
Mildred Goldberger and Mabel Beckman in Millikan Board Room
Robert A. Millikan, Nobel Prize portrait
Robert A. Millikan, formal portrait
Nikolai N. Medvedev
Robert A. Millikan with cosmic-ray equipment
On the occasion of the dedication of the C. C. Lauritsen Library at Aerospace Corp.
Robert A. Millikan, formal portrait
Arnold Beckman with President Richard Nixon
Arthur H. Compton and Robert Millikan
Calvin Bridges and A. A. Prokofyeva-Belgovskaya
George Beadle and colleagues
Theodore von Karman, informal pose
Robert A. Millikan and others in 111 East Bridge
Indian scientists at Palomar