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A. A. Michelson, formal portrait, profile
Alfred H. Sturtevant, informal pose
Robert A. Millikan and G. Marconi
Robert A. Millikan, formal portrait
Robert A. Millikan, frontispiece portrait for autobiography
Interior of the von Karman’s home
Cosmic-ray equipment on Mt. Whitney.
Thomas E. Everhart, portrait
Linus Pauling with molecular model
Oval of Robert A. Millikan (signed)
Young George Beadle wearing a dress
Robert A. Millikan, informal pose
A. A. Michelson, formal portrait
Robert A. Millikan holding 2 C.R. electrometers
Max Delbruck at Nobel ceremony
Thomas Hunt Morgan with equipment
A. A. Prokofyeva-Belgovskaya and Y. Y. Lussis
Theodore von Karman in plane
Charles Richter with seismometer that he keeps in the living room of his home
Theodore von Karman and his sister, Josephine, with a group of men