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Throop athletics, baseball
Construction of Throop central building
Throop Hall, main façade, with Dabney Hall to the left.
Basketball team
Gnomes at Ocean Park
Kappa Gamma (Gnome) “Stag” Party at Ocean Park
Physical Laboratory, Throop Polytechnic Institute
Throop boarding hall
Calder arches (Throop)--left spandrel--Nature and Art
Wood Shop, Polytechnic Hall, Throop Polytechnic Institute
James A.B. Scherer in group with Gov. Stephens and former V.P. Fairbanks
Pasadena Hall (later Throop Hall)
Throop women’s basketball team
Lawrence Kimball Thompson
Throop Polytechnic Institute class of 1907
Residents of the dormitory
Amos G. and Eliza Throop
Robert Arnold William Bultmann
Meta Cleora Rice
Throop Hall as seen from the southwest