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Byron Hill and Al Winters working on Coude mirrror gantry crane
Tube assembly--48″ Schmidt
Polar axis and housing of the 48″ Schmidt telescope
Setting columns on top of carriage shelf
Declination drive
Photometer (?), prime focus--200″
Dome carriages in transit on mountain
B-ray spectrometer slit shutter assembly
200″ coude slit assembly
200″ aluminum tank cover, side view
Tom Lawrence at controls of Guyed mast derrick
Base structure before starting revolving dome
Knife-edge focusing device used in 200″ prime focus plate holder
48″ Schmidt--hoisting fork through shutters
48″ Schmidt telescope testing hoist rigging
Al Winter and John Kimple working on the brass case that encloses the declination drive
Schmidt-type 18″ telescope dome building
Construction of trailer for 200″ mirror
200″ telescope dome, looking south
200″ dome as seen in winter