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Rene Descartes, 1596-1650
Harold Urey
Sir Ernest Rutherford’s research room
Andre Marie Ampere, 1775-1836
Richard Willstatter
Replica of Sir Isaac Newton’s original reflecting telescope
James Clerk Maxwell
Isaac Newton, 1642-1727
Fifth Solvay Physics Conference, 1927
Marconi, Bohr and Aston at Nuclear Physics Congress, Rome, 1931
Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton (Vanderbank)
View of Throop Hall in the snow
Niels Henrik Abel
Rudolf Julius Emmanuel Clausius, 1822-1888
Sir John Adams
Group at the American Assn. of Variable Star Observers meeting, Harvard College Observatory.
Fritz Zwicky at the 18″ Schmidt telescope at Palomar Observatory
John C. Branner
Francois Viete, 1540-1603